Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eliana's first road trip

This past weekend we took the kids to Waco to see the family. Eliana had quite a number of family members to meet. We had a great time and Eliana got to meet her Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Blake and her cousins Russell and Sydney. Russell and Sydney were quite enamored with their new cousin and were oh so sweet with her. Lindsey and I thought it would be a neat idea to take all the kids to get a picture with all of the cousins. Lindsey found matching shirts for Ethan and Russell and the same color dress for Eliana and Sydney. They were absolutely adorable. Ethan was not crazy about having his picture made and therefore cried from the moment the lady tried to set the kids up for the picture. Poor Russell and Sydney patiently waited while Josh and I tried to calm down our kids. We ended up picking out the best picture of the group which is where Ethan has a little smile, is looking away, and red blotches from crying, and Sydney is looking away but hey we took what we could get. I told Josh the lady who took our pictures was probably talking about us after we left but oh well! It made for a memorable experience.

Eliana also got to meet her great Aunt Elaine and her great grandmother for the first time and got some adorable new outfits from Aunt Elaine. We also had a chance to spend some time with Aunt Chass which was neat because it had been awhile since we have seen her. The kids also got to spend lots of time with Papaw and Dadoo. Ethan loves Papaw and Dadoo and had a blast. He went nonstop from the time we got there. It is special to me to see Ethan and Eliana with my Dad and Donna. I love to see how they love my kids and how Ethan loves them. It warms my heart because I know no one can love my kids like I do but I know no one loves them like family does.

Papaw and Ethan

Ethan and Marty mooching food from Mary

Aunt Lindsey and Eliana

Eliana smiling at Dadoo

Josh with Sydney and Ethan

Sydney and Russell holding Eliana

The girls

Papaw and Eliana

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Katy said...

Oh I love the pics and I'm so glad you guys had a good visit. Sorry we missed you - maybe we'll catch you next time!