Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ten Weeks Old

While I was pregnant and waiting for Eliana to arrive time just seemed to creep by and it could not go fast enough. Now time just seems to go at super sonic speed. I can hardly believe Eliana is already ten weeks old. She is growing and changing so fast. She is super talkative..always cooing and smiling at us. She looks a lot like Ethan did at this age. I was looking at a picture of Ethan the other day where he was about the same age and it could pass for a picture of Eliana. I have a feeling she will not have Ethan's bright blond hair, as it is darker than Ethan's ever was. I do hope she keeps the blue eyes.

Here are some pictures of my sweetheart at ten weeks!

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Katy said...

Oh I love the video!!! She is growing sooo fast - enjoy every minute!