Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Watch out..she's on the move!

Within the past couple of weeks Eliana has begun to crawl. She is into everything and I mean everything! She especially likes to go after the toys Ethan is playing with, much to his frustration. He does not know rather he should share with his sister or take them away from her. Josh and I just sit back and watch the drama unfold, until one (usually Ethan..Eliana thinks it is a game) or both become overly frustrated. We can picture the fights over toys a year from now and it is not going to pretty. I have a feeling Eliana is going to overtake big brother Ethan most of the time ;-)! Eliana is still our social butterfly and is quick to flash one of her winning smiles to those around. She is a laid back baby and people always wonder if "she is always this good". The answer is yes for the most part ;-). It is hard to believe she is eight months old. She will be walking and talking before too long.

35 weeks old

34 weeks old

33 weeks old