Wednesday, August 27, 2008

40 weeks...

Tomorrow is my "official" due date, however after today's doctor's appointment I am not thinking she will join us tomorrow. My doctor does not think I will go into labor on my own before Tuesday (the scheduled c-section date), however thinks there is a possibility. She has dropped a bit more and I have dilated to a one. I will be honest in saying that I will be disappointed if I do not get to go through labor, however I want a healthy baby more than anything else. My birthday is on Sunday so perhaps it will be Eliana's birth day too! I'll keep you updated. Here is a recent picture taken a couple of days ago. I feel HUGE these days!!

39 weeks

17 1/2 months

My sweet little boy is already 17 1/2 months old and growing so much. He is becoming quite talkative these days even though much of it is in babyese. He picks up stuff around the apartment (shoes, calculator, DVD's) and pretends it is a phone and will talk up a storm. He still loves being outdoors and will go bang on the door to let us know he has been in the apartment too long ;-). He loved watching the Olympics and especially loved the swimming and would laugh whenever he saw the diving. He is getting more comfortable around strangers these days and likes to put on a show for others. The other day we went out to eat and he kept going up to the man next to us and giving him five. He will do anything for a laugh. He is such a joy and so much fun. We can not wait to see him as a big brother.

Here are some recent pictures showing off his great personality!!

This is what he does when he sees a camera these days ;-)!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

One week...

Today I am 39 weeks along, which anyone who has become a mom knows does not necessarily mean Eliana is going to join us next week on her due date. I sure hope she does but she seems pretty comfortable right now. I went to the doctor yesterday and after Eliana stressed me out at the non-stress test by not moving around enough to be called a reactive stress test (until after being there for almost an hour..she is being stubborn already ;-0) we found out I am not dilated at all and she has not dropped anymore. My doctor says with the second pregnancy the baby does not always drop before I go into labor so we will see.

The waiting and wondering and questions like what labor is going to be like, am I going to be able to go into labor, is Eliana is going to look like Ethan or completely different, is she going to have red hair, and how will Ethan react to his little sister, keep me up at night with excitement and anxiety. I know I need my rest but I am not sure exactly how to turn my mind off. I have always had this problem before something big happens. The night before Josh and I got married I hardly slept at all! As a child, I could not sleep before Christmas or my birthday or even the start of school and just think about how much bigger having a baby is in comparison!

I have one more doctor's appointment scheduled for next Wednesday and if I do not go into labor beforehand I have a c-section scheduled for September 2nd at 9:30 a.m. Whenever Eliana does decide to join us it will be the best birthday present ever. My birthday is August 31st. Many people have said it would be neat for Eliana to come on my birthday, however I want her to have her own special day! I shared a birthday with my Pa-paw growing up (he always said I was the best birthday gift he had ever gotten) and I loved it but it is different to share a birthday with your mom. If she does come on my birthday she will definitely be the best birthday present I have ever and will ever receive!

We'll keep you updated and perhaps soon I will be posting pictures of our family of four.....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two weeks to go...

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant which means I am only two weeks away from my due date! Two weeks does not seem that far away but when you are waiting for your baby to join your family it seems like a lifetime away. If for some reason, I do not go naturally we have a planned c-section date of September 3rd. We are hoping and praying I can have Eliana naturally after having Ethan via c-section but realize this might not be possible. We just want a healthy baby and momma. I went to the doctor yesterday and Eliana is doing well and has dropped some, which is a good sign.

The end of this journey has brought many emotions for me. I am so excited to meet the little one who is growing inside of me. I anxious about how I will do as a mother of a toddler and an infant. I realize this is a commonplace thing and women do it all the time but I am still nervous. I am also a bit nervous about how my sweet little boy will take to not being the center of attention anymore. He is a bit of a mommas boy and is not going to like having to share. Most of all, I am joyful I have the opportunity to bring new life into the world again and become a momma for a second time. The Lord has truly been good to us.

Keep praying for us and we'll keep you updated. A friend of mine guesses Eliana will join us Aug. 25th and my sister-in-law, Jamie, has said she will come between Aug. 19 - 25th. Any other guesses?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Non-stress tests, high blood pressure, and waiting...

For the past three weeks, I have had non-stress tests so the doctors can monitor Eliana's heartrate and movement to ensure everything is fine. I am not sure why the tests are called non-stress tests because they definitely evoke stress in me. My only experience with a non-stress test before this pregnancy was when I had to go to the hospital because Ethan was not moving around as much as he normally did. Everyone knows what happened next..Ethan failed the non-stress test and I ended up having an emergency c-section and Ethan spent four days in NICU.

Well, my first two non-stress tests with Eliana were great. She was a model baby and was extremely active. My non-stress test yesterday was a different story. Eliana was still a model baby and extremely active, but my blood pressure, which is consistently normal throughout this pregnancy and last, was high. The nurse tested for protein in my urine and said I had a trace of protein in my urine and combined with high blood pressure meant I might have pre-eclampisa. Then she said the only cure for pre-eclampisa is to deliver the baby. My first thought was here we go again. My second thought was my apartment is a wreck and I am not ready yet!! So, of course my blood pressure did not go down during the non-stress test!! Well, I went to see my doctor after the non-stress test and they rechecked my blood pressure and tested my urine again. My blood pressure had gone down some and they did not see any signs of protein in my urine. My doctor does want me to buy a blood pressure cuff and check my blood pressure three times a day just to ensure everything stays fine. He did say Eliana was head down but has not dropped and I have not dialated at all.

Josh had stayed home during my doctor's appointment and had surprised me by cleaning the apartment some and picking up the big things that were all over the place. It was such a relief to me and I feel like if Eliana does come early at least the apartment is somewhat ready. Josh is such a wonderful husband and has been so sweet to me during this time. I am truly blessed.

The good news is that I am full term today: 37 weeks! If Eliana does come early or I have to have a c-section due to blood pressure then Eliana will be fine. Thank God!