Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Fun

Our weekend was filled with Fall Festivals. Saturday afternoon Josh and I along with the other CARES Team put on a Fall Festival for Upper E. It was well attended and the kids seemed to have fun. We had a carnival type games, a pinata, face painting, a costume contest, and snacks for the residents. Matt and Jen had some volunteers come and help us out and I am not sure what we would have done without them! Ethan had fun but did not like the scary masks some of the kids were wearing. After they took off the masks he did much better. He especially liked the pinata. I guess he thought it was funny to see kids beating something hanging in the air with a baseball bat :-)!

On Friday we attended the annual Fall Festival that Apartment Life puts on for all of the CARES Teams in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They have games for the kids, a dunk tank, door prizes, and food. Ethan thought the dunk tank was hilarious. Josh helped him throw the balls to try to dunk someone, which Ethan loved. He also had cotton candy for the first time which he liked but was not crazy about. He was more interested in running around and playing.

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