Friday, August 21, 2009

Rainy day fun

Around the beginning of August, Dallas had some much needed rain. We had a number of downpours. One morning while Eliana was napping I took Ethan outside to play in the rain. We played for almost an hour and he got drenched. He had a blast! Being a parent and seeing things the way that your kids see them is an eye-opening experience. They are so fascinated with this world and there is such an excitement about everyday things. Wouldn't this world be filled with more joy if we all took the time to play like we did when we were children?

As a kid I loved playing in the rain. My next door neighbor and I would play for hours in the ditch behind my house that would fill up with water when it rained and we would ride our bike through the puddles. We had so much fun. I still love the rain and have been known to play in the rain a time or two as an adult, too!

I got some great pictures of Ethan being a kid and having fun! I hope he can have this kind of fun for years and years to come!

More weekly pics

Here are some more pictures of my sweet girl. Around the end of July, she began standing all by herself for longer periods of time. She took a couple of steps on August 2nd and then took about 7-8 steps August 7th. She has not done that since, but will take a couple of steps here or there. I am hoping she is walking by her first birthday party...we'll see. I can not believe we are to this phase. It seems like yesterday she was barely able to hold up her head, now look at her!

Here she is at 49 & 50 weeks. I think I may be a week off in my pictures.

50 weeks old

My happy girl
Look at those teeth!
49 weeks old
The heat and humidity cause her to have fly away hair

Just chillin' at the park

Love the expression in this one!
Look at me Mom..I am standing all by myself!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eliana and her bunny
She sleeps with this bunny every night and will carry it all around the house and she definitely gets upset if Big Brother Ethan takes it away from her.
48 weeks old

47 weeks old

Weekly pics

These pics show a little of Eliana's personality. Yes, she is licking a fence in one and carrying a stick in her mouth in another. She is a spunky little thing!

46 weeks old
Yes, she is licking the fence ;-)
Look at that cute face

45 weeks old
She will carry things in her mouth while she crawls
It is hilarious
My happy girl

Our trip to San Antonio

On July 16th our new niece, Adaline Scarlett O'hara, joined the family. We took a trip to San Antonio this past week to meet Adaline and to celebrate Abigael's 2nd birthday! We had such a good time with Jamie and Shane and the girls and Ethan and Abigael had a blast together! Adaline is adorable. She is tiny...I can not believe it was not that long ago that Eliana was that little! Abigael loves her little sister and has adjusted so well to having a baby in the house.
Adaline so cute sleeping Ethan and Abigael
Ethan and Abigael coloring
(Ethan was obsessed with coloring while we were there)
Adaline and her uncle Josh
Adaline looking sweet

Mommy and her girl at the Riverwalk

Mommy and Ethan and Eliana at the Riverwalk
Daddy and the kids at the Riverwalk

Ethan's big boy hair cut

I FINALLY took Ethan to get his first real big boy haircut this past Tuesday (August 11th). Ethan did get a "haircut" from his Papaw, who did not consult me ;-), back in April, however that did not count. I took Ethan to a place here in Dallas called Snip-Its that is designed for kids. He did fine throughout most of the cut, due to having a lollipop in one hand and a truck in the other. I did keep some of his hair and got a little certificate, which Josh thinks is hilarious. Ethan even got to get a prize at the end. He looks so handsome and so much older with his short hair. He loves it and was all smiles after it was over!


Checking it out Watching television I have had enough!!

Getting his prize

Look how handsome and happy

I'm back

Our 40 day fast from Internet and television was good. We talked, played games, spent undistracted time with Ethan and Eliana, read books, spent time with neighbors, spent time with the Lord, and got more involved in church. I realized during these forty days that I spend way too much time on useless distractions and that shutting off the noise of life is a necessity at times. I also learned having a conversation (even on the phone) is so much more intimate than sending an email. I missed being able to know the day to day happenings of my friends and family, but enjoyed my own little family so much more. I hope these past forty days have helped me gain a fresh perspective on what is truly important in life, mainly my relationship with the Lord and my relationships with close family and friends.

A lot happened during the past 40 days! Eliana stood by herself and took her first steps, Ethan used the potty for the first time , Ethan got his first big boy hair cut, our new niece (Adaline Scarlett O'hara) was born, Eliana moved into Ethan's room, and Eliana got two more new teeth. I will be sure to blog about it all!