Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My how fast they grow...

Ethan turned 20 months old on the 15th...20 months old - only four months away from 2 years old!!! Can Ethan really be about to turn two years old? I can already picture him getting ready for that first day of Kindergarten! Boy am I going to be a mess! Until that time I am going to treasure the day to day moments where he delights in seeing a plane over head and points to the sky, how he is mesmerized by water and says ta ta (for water), the way he says please in sign language by just pointing to his chest, how he runs out the door as soon as it is open as to say "YAY Freedom!", the way he leans his head on my shoulder while I read him a story, how he runs to the door to greet his daddy, and a million other little things that are simply Ethan! He is such a joy, even on the days where he will not listen and tests every bit of patience I possess ;-)! I love him so much and am proud to be his mom!

Here are some cute pictures of Ethan at 20 months.

Cheesing in his cute blue jean jacket

Having a blast at the park

Playing in the leaves

Mom, do I really have to wear the hat?
Just a cute picture!

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Katy said...

What a cute guy! Emma will be 2 yrs old in 2.5 wks :( I know how you feel...