Monday, March 23, 2009


Not only did Ethan get a basketball goal for his birthday, but a soccer goal as well! His Grandma gave it to him. We decided to wait until we were back from Waco before we let him open it so we would be able to put the goal up afterwards. He was so cute when he saw the box. He kept looking and pointing saying "ball". He definitely knows his soccer. Hmm..I wonder why? Now the race is or soccer? Just kidding. Actually, he can kick the soccer ball quite well and has loved soccer since he was a baby.

Opening his gift with Daddy
I like this!!

Pointing at the ball on the box

Kicking the ball

He made it!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Eliana posing for her 29 week photos in her adorable Saint Patrick's Day dress compliments of Grandma! She is growing leaps and bounds and looks more like an 8 month old rather than a 6 month old. Some of her 6-9 month clothes are already too tight. Yikes.

Ethan sporting his John Deere green in honor of St. Patrick's Day! Yes, he needs a hair cut!

Yay for Saint Patrick's Day!

Ethan already being silly in pictures taken with his little sister

Everything goes to the mouth these days!

Eliana at 28 weeks. Is there anything cuter than that smile? I think not!!

And how about those beautiful blue eyes?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My sweet boy is 2!

Ethan turned two on Sunday. We celebrated his big day with a family birthday party at Uncle Blake and Aunt Lindsey's house. It was a construction theme for the party. Ethan is currently obsessed with construction vehicles of any kind. We put a little construction truck on the cake and it was all we could do to make Ethan wait to grab the truck. He sat so patiently while we sang Happy Birthday all the time reaching towards the truck. It was a great party and Ethan got lots of great gifts. He had fun with his cousins and played hard. One of the cutest moments of the day was him and Russell driving around in the pink Barbie jeep. It was a sight to see the two boys in the pink jeep.
Eliana had fun as well and got her first taste of icing, which she loved!
Birthday Balloons

The Cake!
Ethan having fun
What a beautiful present!!

I want some too!

What's in here?
Cousin Abigael
Trying to get the cousins to hug
When can I get the truck??
Cousin Russell and Ethan cruising in the Barbie jeep! They are going to love this pic one day.
Mommy getting a hug from the birthday boy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Memorable moments

I love watching my kids grow and experience new things for the first time. It is such an amazing thing to see them enjoy life and appreciate the little things. As an adult I feel like I take the simple things in life for granted. Not Ethan and Eliana. They are amazed with the things we simply look over: water, birds, airplanes, music, and so on. The first couple of years of life are such an exciting time and I have the honor to be front and center as my children are going through these years. Here are some pictures of Eliana enjoying the little things in life for the first time.

First time eating sweet potatoes ;-)

First time on slide with mommy..doesn't she look thrilled? ;-)

One of her first times on the swing...she loves the swing

First time taking a bath in the big bathtub with Big brother! They are going to love this picture one of these days ;-). Oh, yes the water is green because I add food coloring to Ethan's baths for fun and to teach him his colors! Don't worry I was right there by the tub!

First time jumping in her Jumperoo

Monday, March 9, 2009

Early birthday present

Ethan received an early birthday present from Mommy and Daddy today. He got his first basketball goal. I think he enjoyed seeing Mommy and Daddy shoot baskets more than anything else. Josh got a kick (no pun intended) out of Ethan kicking the ball rather than shooting the ball. There is still plenty of time to sway him over to the great sport of basketball ;-). Here are some pictures of Ethan and his basketball goal.

Look at me!

Eliana is officially 6 months old (26 weeks) now!! I can't believe in another six months she will be celebrating her 1st birthday! Eliana is sitting up all by herself and has not one but two teeth coming in!! She has not been too cranky with teething, which is such a blessing. She definitely likes chewing on things. I am not sure that has so much to do with her teething more than she just likes to put things in her mouth. She has a bunny she sleeps with every night and she holds on to that thing and chews on it and sometimes still has it clutched in her hand when she wakes up in the morning. It is cute.

Our little girl seems to be growing leaps and bounds and will be on the move before we know what hit us. She looks at Ethan longingly when he is running and playing. I know she wants to take off after him. It won't be too many more months, though.

Here are pictures of Eliana at 25 weeks old. I love this little outfit. It was cousin Sydney's outfit. I remember seeing pictures of Sydney at this age in this outfit and thinking how cute she looked.