Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Eliana!

Today is Eliana's 1st Birthday! A year sure does go by fast. There are so many memories of this past year of how Eliana has changed our lives. She is full of energy and is our little social butterfly, waving at people in the grocery stores and flashing everyone that sweet smile of hers. Big brother Ethan and her are great friends, even though he was unsure of her at the beginning. He goes in to wake her up for naps and wants to get in the crib with her. They will immediately begin jumping and laughing. Eliana wants every toy Ethan has and will tackle him to get it, which is quite funny until he gets upset. Eliana is always on the move and Josh and I have to constantly tell her "no" due to her putting things in her mouth or opening cabinets etc. We never really had to do this with Ethan. We laugh about how different she is from her brother. She is a daddy's girl already and Josh just beams at his little girl. We love her so much and can't wait to see what the next year holds.

Here are some pics of her on her birthday. Her birthday party is in Waco this coming weekend.

She had a piece of Mommy's birthday cake..she liked it!
A preview of her Senior pictures ;-)
I took at least 6 or 7 pics of the two of them --
I could not get them both to look at the camera
Our sweet girl
That smile is going to melt hearts one of these days

weekly pics of my sweet girl

Here is sweet Eliana at 51 weeks and 50 weeks. The weeks got off at some point. I will have to go back through all my blogs and figure out where. I am a bit sad that the weekly pics are over..that means my little girl is officially a toddler now, no longer my baby.

51 weeks old

The bows never stay in long, so I get the pictures while I can;-)

50 weeks old