Friday, August 21, 2009

Rainy day fun

Around the beginning of August, Dallas had some much needed rain. We had a number of downpours. One morning while Eliana was napping I took Ethan outside to play in the rain. We played for almost an hour and he got drenched. He had a blast! Being a parent and seeing things the way that your kids see them is an eye-opening experience. They are so fascinated with this world and there is such an excitement about everyday things. Wouldn't this world be filled with more joy if we all took the time to play like we did when we were children?

As a kid I loved playing in the rain. My next door neighbor and I would play for hours in the ditch behind my house that would fill up with water when it rained and we would ride our bike through the puddles. We had so much fun. I still love the rain and have been known to play in the rain a time or two as an adult, too!

I got some great pictures of Ethan being a kid and having fun! I hope he can have this kind of fun for years and years to come!

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Katy said...

So cute! Send that rain our way! Mr Ethan needs a cute pair of rubber boots from Target ;)