Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm back

Our 40 day fast from Internet and television was good. We talked, played games, spent undistracted time with Ethan and Eliana, read books, spent time with neighbors, spent time with the Lord, and got more involved in church. I realized during these forty days that I spend way too much time on useless distractions and that shutting off the noise of life is a necessity at times. I also learned having a conversation (even on the phone) is so much more intimate than sending an email. I missed being able to know the day to day happenings of my friends and family, but enjoyed my own little family so much more. I hope these past forty days have helped me gain a fresh perspective on what is truly important in life, mainly my relationship with the Lord and my relationships with close family and friends.

A lot happened during the past 40 days! Eliana stood by herself and took her first steps, Ethan used the potty for the first time , Ethan got his first big boy hair cut, our new niece (Adaline Scarlett O'hara) was born, Eliana moved into Ethan's room, and Eliana got two more new teeth. I will be sure to blog about it all!

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