Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our trip to San Antonio

On July 16th our new niece, Adaline Scarlett O'hara, joined the family. We took a trip to San Antonio this past week to meet Adaline and to celebrate Abigael's 2nd birthday! We had such a good time with Jamie and Shane and the girls and Ethan and Abigael had a blast together! Adaline is adorable. She is tiny...I can not believe it was not that long ago that Eliana was that little! Abigael loves her little sister and has adjusted so well to having a baby in the house.
Adaline so cute sleeping Ethan and Abigael
Ethan and Abigael coloring
(Ethan was obsessed with coloring while we were there)
Adaline and her uncle Josh
Adaline looking sweet

Mommy and her girl at the Riverwalk

Mommy and Ethan and Eliana at the Riverwalk
Daddy and the kids at the Riverwalk

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Katy said...

Thanks for the updates! Sounds like you guys have kept busy :)