Friday, August 21, 2009

More weekly pics

Here are some more pictures of my sweet girl. Around the end of July, she began standing all by herself for longer periods of time. She took a couple of steps on August 2nd and then took about 7-8 steps August 7th. She has not done that since, but will take a couple of steps here or there. I am hoping she is walking by her first birthday party...we'll see. I can not believe we are to this phase. It seems like yesterday she was barely able to hold up her head, now look at her!

Here she is at 49 & 50 weeks. I think I may be a week off in my pictures.

50 weeks old

My happy girl
Look at those teeth!
49 weeks old
The heat and humidity cause her to have fly away hair

Just chillin' at the park

Love the expression in this one!
Look at me Mom..I am standing all by myself!!

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