Thursday, June 11, 2009

The weeks keep flying by!

I know I am WAY behind on posting Eliana's weekly pictures, but never fear I am going to catch you guys up. She is growing fast and looks more like a little girl at times than a baby. She is pulling up on everything and said her first word yesterday (dada!..Ethan's first word as well). She wants everything her brother has and would rather have what we are eating than baby food. She is such a joy and is our little daredevil. She likes to play this game with her daddy where she dives off the couch head first and he catches her. She will do this again and again. We have been to the pool and the splash park and she has no fear. Pictures to follow! She is now 9 months old and weighs 22lbs and is 30 inches long.
41 weeks old

40 weeks old

39 weeks old

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