Friday, June 12, 2009

My son

More than one person has commented about the personality difference between Ethan and Eliana. They are definitely different and Josh and I could tell this almost from the beginning. Eliana is our social one who seems to not be afraid of much of anything and Ethan is our shy, cautious one. He is not crazy about big groups and it takes awhile for him to warm up to people and to be his silly self. Ethan is such a sweet boy and has a kind, gentle heart. This I can already see and I pray it is a quality he will always have throughout his life. Recently, I have gotten some good pictures of Ethan and thought I would share.
At the park
Ethan eating Barbeque
Wearing a deflated soccer ball as a hat
Don't I look cool in Mommy's shades?!?

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Nsmith said...

They are so precious!