Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas - Part I

We spent a few days, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, in San Antonio with Jamie (my sister-in-law) and her family. Jamie and Shane have a daughter who is five months younger than Ethan. Ethan had a blast with Abigael during our stay. They played at the park a couple of times and Ethan had fun playing with all of Abigael's toys. She has a shopping cart that Ethan spent the majority of the time pushing around the house.

A couple of days before we got to San Antonio Eliana started getting sick. I had hoped it was a temporary cold and would be over before we got to San Antonio but that was not the case. She felt horrible the majority of our stay and slept a lot. This was her first cold and it was heartbreaking to see her feel so bad. She was still as sweet as ever even though she felt awful.

Mommy and Eliana Christmas Eve
Eliana looking cute in her Christmas dress (16 weeks)
Ethan looking handsome in his Christmas outfit
Ethan and Abigael taking a bubble bath

Christmas Day we opened presents and talked to Josh's mom on Skype. Both Josh and I and Shane and Jamie bought her a web cam (great minds think alike) so she could see the grandkids on Christmas. Ethan and Abigael got quite the haul this year and had fun playing with all of their new toys. Eliana missed the majority of the opening of the presents because she was napping. She did stay awake long enough to open a blanket Josh's mom had made for her. The blanket went directly in the mouth where most things go these days ;-).
Ethan with Christmas bows in hair
Eliana chewing on blanket that Grandma made
Ethan playing with Batman car which he loves!!
Ethan looking cute
Ethan and Abigael eating Christmas Dinner at the kid's table
Eliana and Abigael on Christmas Day
Eliana with First Christmas Hat on

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