Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eliana is now 21 weeks old. She is growing so fast and seems so big for her age. She does not look like a four month old. She seems older for some reason. She is extremely strong and can almost sit up by herself. She loses her balance and will tip over right now. She has not rolled over yet but I think that is because she has not had a lot of tummy time. I am trying to do better about giving her tummy time. She has started taking a bottle. We give her about two a day. She still does not like them all too much but seems to be more full after the bottles. Eliana is waking up more at night these days and we are not quite sure why. She will wake up two to three times per night. This mommy is tired but I am hoping it is just a phase.

Eliana seems to grow more beautiful every day. She is just a pretty girl. I know I am a bit biased but she really is beautiful! She has beautiful blue eyes and a precious smile. She has a great personality and her laugh is contagious. I do not think there is a sound more beautiful than one of my kid's laughing! It does wonders for the soul.

Here are her weekly pictures.

Here are some pictures at 20 weeks.


Katy said...

She is looking more like her brother every day!!

michal said...

Yea, I have noticed in pictures how much they look alike!