Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas - Part II

After leaving San Antonio we headed to Waco to have Christmas with my side of the family. We stayed with Blake and Lindsey and the kids while we were there. Again, Ethan had a blast playing with his cousins. Eliana was still sick while we were in Waco and Josh started to feel bad as well. We had fun nevertheless and enjoyed our time with them. We normally stay at my parents house when we go to Waco and our time with Blake and Lindsey is rushed so it was nice to have this extended time with them. We had our Christmas on Saturday the 27th. Again, Ethan and Eliana came away with quite the haul. Eliana got her first baby doll this Christmas! Thank you Aunt Lindsey.

The day before we left Waco we noticed Ethan beginning to feel bad. Sure enough on our way home Ethan began coughing and looked absolutely miserable. We called the doctor and scheduled an appointment for both of the kids. We did not even go home but we went straight to the doctor. We are still recovering from our Christmases and both Ethan and Eliana are getting better. Eliana is almost completely recovered but Ethan still feels a bit under the weather. We were sick last Christmas too. Hopefully, next year we will all be healthy. Despite sickness, we had a wonderful Christmas with both sides of the family. It was nice for Ethan and Eliana to have extended time with all of their cousins and it was nice to be able to spend quality time with Blake and Lindsey and Jamie and Shane. We were extremely blessed by our family this year and are very thankful!

Eliana and her baby doll
Russell with his nerf gun
Daddy and Eliana resting
Chass and Ethan
Ethan getting a kiss from Papaw
Ethan being silly
Dadoo with Eliana and Sydney

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Katy said...

We enjoyed visiting with you guys while you were here and hope you all feel better soon!