Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My two precious children

Yesterday my little boy turned 18 months old! 18 months old..that is only 6 months away from being 2 years old!! My little boy can't be that old...can he? He is showing his age on a daily basis and seems to have grown leaps and bounds in the past few weeks. Of course, when there is a newborn in your house a 18 month old seems huge! Ethan is learning how to adjust to Eliana being in the house and is actually doing really great. He still loves the outdoors, music, and has a new love for books. He turns anything into a phone and goes around the house talking on his "phone". He is saying new words all the time and the other day he said Pa-paw for the first time, which made my dad's day. I took some pictures today on our walk. Dressed in his jeans, big boy shirt, and cute shoes he completely looked like a 18 month old.

So Big!
What Mom?
Who needs toys??
Ethan at his new big boy table. Thanks Grandma!

Today my adorable baby girl turned two weeks old! She is eating well and still sleeping lots, except at night ;-0! She has the cutest little faces and I can already tell she is going to have a GREAT smile. She eats quite a bit especially at night and Josh and I wonder where she is putting it all. After eating she gets this relaxed look on her face and gets this big grin like life could not get any better. It is funny. Her two week appointment is next Monday so we will see how much she has grown.

My pretty baby girl
Chillin in her swing
Hey Mom!
Look how big I'm getting!

I am feeling good these days. My recovery has gone so much quicker this time around. I feel extremely blessed to have such two wonderful, beautiful children and such an amazing husband. He has been so great helping out these past couple of weeks. He has made the adjustment period so much easier.

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Katy said...

Love the pics!! Glad you all are doing well.