Friday, September 26, 2008

Call me crazy...

My friend Christy and I have decided to train for a half marathon. I have wanted to run either and half marathon or marathon for a few years now. Christy and I got to talking and decided maybe if we train together (in different places) and sign up to run the race together that we might be more likely to complete the half marathon. We both have not run in over a year and we both admit we have some weight to lose in order to run a half marathon. It will not be easy but it is exciting neverthless. We have created a blog where you can follow us on our journey:


Katy said...

Good for you (& Christy)! What a great goal and a wonderful way to get back in shape :) I'm so proud of you!

Will you be investing in a double jogging stroller to train?!

Jamie said...

Hey Michal!

I wanted to join in too remember?? I wasn't sure if you guys wanted it to be exclusive but I would love to be a part of the goal reaching too!!

Love you

michal said...

The more the merrier. We definitely are not trying to be snobs and be exclusive. We have not picked a race yet but you are more than welcome to join us and train with us. It will be fun. The first month or two will be very easy training..mostly walking with a bit of running.