Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday and waiting...

Yesterday was my 31st birthday! It goes down hill from here folks..jk! I had a great birthday. My sister-in-law Jamie is here helping us get ready for baby Eliana and kept Ethan while my husband and I went out for a date. We had a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant we had never tried before and it was yummy! The spicy food and walking did nt convince Eliana to join us yesterday. She is hanging on to the last second. No matter what she will be here tomorrow morning, which is hard to believe. I have been emotional wreck today for some reason. I was so hoping Eliana would come on her own, but it does not look like that will happen. I know many women do not get the experience of going through labor but it was something I really desired. I am sure many women think I am crazy for wanting to go through the pain of labor but I truly do! I am confident that once she comes tomorrow it will not matter and I will have a precious baby. I have been blessed beyond measure this past year and I look forward to this coming year. Thank you for your prayers. I will be posting pictures soon of the newest Munkeby!

Me with my favorite little boy!!
Me with my favorite man!!
birthday cake with 31 candles!

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Katy said...

So glad your bday was a great one!! You look beautiful and that cake looks yummy! Did Josh make it himself?