Friday, October 23, 2009

13 months old

October 2, 2009

My sweet Eliana is now 13 months old and is growing and changing so fast. She is down to one nap now, drinks out of a cup (she would not do sippy cups so she drinks out of a straw cup), says new words and phrases all the time. Her language development is amazing to me. She can already put words together to tell us what she wants (she will say "want this"). She still has quite the spunky personality and will throw a temper tantrum (which includes her screaming at the top of her lungs) when she does not get her way! Eliana loves her big brother Ethan, playing outdoors, animals (real and stuffed ;-)!), and music. Oh, and she loves her food! Josh and I wonder where it all goes. She can eat so much and always seems hungry. She does this little dance where she shifts from one foot to another when we go into the kitchen and she knows food is on the way. It is hilarious! Lately she has gotten to where she will carry a bucket or a basket around and pile toys in there. It is cute. One day she was carrying it like a purse...Josh wondered if it was hardwired in little girls DNA to like stuff like that ;-)!

Here are some pics of Eliana at 13 months. I tried to take some pictures of her with a bow in her hair, but she does not like bows (she is her momma's girl) so she kept pulling it out.

Here she is taking out the bow!

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