Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thirteen Months..ALREADY!!

Ethan is now thirteen months old (well technically thirteen and a half months)!! He is growing too fast and looking more and more like a little boy on a daily basis. He is learning more words and is walking (taking steps) on a daily basis. His favorite way to get around though is still crawling. He can now say a hand full of words (da-da, ma-ma, puppy (pup), balloon (ba-oon), and bye-bye.) Outside is his favorite place to be and he loves animals (especially dogs). He loves pushing things, playing soccer or with any round ball for that matter, and playing with his toy cars/trucks. He is such a joy and continues to amaze me. I am grateful for God entrusting me with Ethan and I love every moment with him. Here are some new pictures at thirteen months old.

Laughing at Daddy!
"Helping" Mommy put the CD's back in the stereo

Ethan chillin in his ball cap

Ethan and his new friend Tigger

Walking hand in hand with Daddy

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Rachel said...

Jaxon has those exact same turtle pajamas!! Love them!!

He is adorable!! Can't wait to see pictures of your little GIRL!!!