Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Doesn't it make you feel good?

This evening Ethan was standing at the window looking at all the cars, which he loves to do, when I look up and this couple are in their car smiling at him and waving. I know it is prideful but I love when other people think Ethan is adorable. It makes this momma proud for some reason. You see Josh and I (well with God's help) brought Ethan into this world and are the ones primarily responsible for raising him. When someone says "he is so cute" or "he is such a laid back baby" or "look at those blue eyes" I think yep "He is my son!!!" I know that as the years pass and I hear things (all good of course!) about what type of boy, young man, man he is becoming I will feel the same way. It is such an amazing feeling to have someone compliment your child and to think you had a hand in their upbringing. I wonder if God feels the same way when someone compliments one of us. "Yes, that is my beloved daughter who I dearly love. Didn't I do such a wonderful job in creating her?"

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