Monday, April 14, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know

By this time on Wednesday, I will know whether this little one growing inside of my belly is a boy or a girl! I am so nervous and excited for Wednesday to get here. I do not know how I waited the entire pregnancy with Ethan to find out. The suspense is driving me crazy. I know that no matter if this baby is a girl or a boy we are going to love little Eliana or Gabriel as much as we love Ethan. It is amazing to feel him/her moving inside of me and see my ever expanding belly as the baby grows. I am completely and utterly humbled to have this experience not just once but twice now. Sure the second pregnancy is different but just as exciting! Words can not express how grateful I am to have the honor of bringing life into this world. Stay tuned to see what the Lord has in store for us.


Kristi said...

Very exciting! Can't wait to hear what the little one will be!

Rachel said...

I can't wait to hear either!!! YAY for babies -- boys and girls!!