Monday, March 24, 2008

Thoughts on Easter

Yesterday Josh, Ethan, and I went to church where the sermon really spoke to my heart. Our pastor focused his message on the Christians in the congregation. He basically asked us to search our hearts and see if we are any different just because we go to church more than those who were visiting for the special holiday. My answer is no I am not really all that different! I struggle with jealousy, laziness, and I am not always content in my current circumstances in life. While I was in Chicago I desired to live a life of simplicity and now that Josh and I are living a simple lifestyle I complain about what we don't have in life. I am embarassed to admit that I was upset because Ethan did not have a cute Easter outfit yesterday and we weren't able to get him an Easter basket. Ethan could care less if he had a cute little Easter outfit or an Easter basket. He had a blast going for a walk and spending time with his mommy and daddy. Why did I care so much? I am not sure, but I believe a lot of it had to do with appearances and keeping up with the Joneses. God is teaching me to be content with our current circumstances. No, we do not have a house with a yard for Ethan to play in and for me to be able to plant a garden, but we get the amazing opportunity to reach out to over 1,000 indivduals who live at our apartment complex. Furthermore, Ethan has been in a multi-cultural environment since he was an infant. Josh and I have been truly blessed. We have a great marriage, an amazing son, wonderful friends and family, and an amazing opportunity to serve in an unique way. We may not have what our family and friends have but the Lord is teaching us through this time period and getting me to realize what is truly important!

A very cute picture of Ethan...I know this is not his 1st Easter, but last Easter he was only 3 weeks old!
On our walk on Easter day!
Watching the kids from our apartment complex at the Easter Egg Hunt we had the day before Easter!
Playing with one of the kids who live at our apartment complex.

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Jamie said...

Wow!! What a great jacket he has on and what a cute shirt he wore for the Easter egg hunt ;) I wonder where he got those hip clothes?? hehe...He looks great in everything! I'm glad you had a nice Easter.