Friday, March 28, 2008

Stop talking about it and be about it!

There are areas in my life where I am constantly saying..I want to do this or why can't I do that? The problem is I do not move pass the talking stage into action. For example, I have said for over the past year that I want to create a scrapbook of Ethan's first year. I have the empty scrapbook, paper, cute stickers and stamps but no scrapbook! Another thing I have talked and talked about is my Pampered Chef business. I bought the start up kit and have had one catalog show and one cooking show, but have done nothing else for months. I do not want to merely be a "talker" but I want to be "doer". I desire to be a risk taker and pursue my dreams instead of sitting around waiting for tomorrow. Just think about how it would be if we all pursued our dreams instead of letting fear, selfishness, or laziness get in the way. I encourage you to take my friend's advice as well and as she always said "stop talking about it and be about it"!! Just a thought...

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