Thursday, November 12, 2009

More pumpkins

Towards the end of October we went to a Pumpkin patch about 30 miles away with a college friend and her daughter, Marijana. Marijana is a week older than Eliana and they always have fun together. It was a muddy mess and cooler than we thought when we got there, but the kids had fun taking pictures by the wooden cut outs and with all the pumpkins. Ethan wanted to carry his new book around so you see Ethan and his book in every picture. I thought only my son would carry his book around the pumpkin patch. Here are a few pics.

Eliana and Marijana with the pumpkins
A great shot of Ethan laughing
Eliana and Marijana
Ethan took a break to read (I love this pic)

Classic Ethan shot (tongue out)

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