Saturday, November 14, 2009

14 months

Eliana is now 14 months old and is quite the busy girl! She keeps us on our toes for sure and is certain she can do anything her big brother can do. This can be scary at times, especially when we are at the playground! She has no fear and would go head first down the slides if we let her. Her cute little smile and bright blue eyes wins over everyone and her curly hair is adorable (albeit a bit unruly!). We went to Waco this past weekend and my dad could not get over her hair. He says I had the exact same hair when I was that age. She is a smart little girl. Her vocabulary is growing leaps and bounds.

Here are some pics of her and her big brother at nearby White Rock Lake. We like to go out there and go for walks and play.

I love this one!

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