Thursday, July 3, 2008

I can't believe it is already July!!

Days seem to creep by at times but then before I know it an entire month has passed before my very eyes. This makes me sad on one hand and then on the other it excites me to know I am one month closer to giving birth to my baby girl. It makes me sad because Ethan is growing so fast and I know that time does not slow down simply because I want to treasure every second of watching my little boy grow up. Ethan is now 15 months old, almost 16 months, and he has such an adorable personality. He still loves to play soccer with his daddy and still loves to be outdoors. He is obsessed with water. When he knows we are going outside he will stand by the door until we open it and once we open it he is off. He goes and stares at the pool, especially if there are people swimming. He would go swimming every day if it was up to him! He is a quiet little boy, but has been more talkative as of late. Yesterday, he said "all gone" for the first time and I know we are on the brink of many more new words. Ethan also loves music and will dance whenever he hears music. Today we were in the car and I looked back and Ethan was dancing to the radio. It was too cute.
Over the past month, we celebrated Father's Day. As a gift to Josh, we went to a FC Dallas (Major League Soccer) Game. This was Ethan's first soccer game. He really was not that into the game, but enjoyed people watching. It was just too HOT for Ethan to get into the game. It was 100 degrees with the sun blaring down on us. Josh enjoyed the game still, of course!! Josh and I decided next game we go to will be in the evening. Josh can not wait for Ethan to be into soccer and be able to kick the ball to him. It won't be long now! Josh is a great dad and Ethan loves him so much! I feel blessed to have Josh as a husband and father of my children.
Josh and Ethan at soccer game
Josh and Ethan after game
It is SO Hot!!

Eliana and I continue to get bigger! I am now 31 weeks and counting down the weeks. I am praying I will be able to have Eliana naturally and not have to have a c-section. My doctor says I am a good candidate to have a natural birth after c-section since Ethan's c-section was nothing to do with me not being able to go through natural childbirth. I desperately want the honor of experiencing labor, although what I want most of all is a healthy baby! Please continue to pray for us as the end of August draws near. We will definitely keep you updated.

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