Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Fun

I took Ethan to a nearby park Friday to meet with some other moms and their kiddos. The park has a spray park beside the regular playground. I did not bring Ethan's swimsuit, since I did not know it had the spray park, but let him play anyways in his shorts and diaper. He had a blast!! He would run into the water and the run to me then run back in again! The spray park is free and open every day of the week so we plan to go back many times before the Summer is out. Friday night we had a Dive-In Movie (people could swim while a movie was playing) for our apartment complex and Ethan got to go swimming with Daddy. He got to play in the water twice in one day! Overall, a great day for Ethan!!

He fell right after I took this picture

Today we all went swimming together. Ethan had fun laughing at Daddy going under the water and then popping back up again! We are still trying to get him used to his floatie...he would rather be carried but today he did well. We think he is a natural born swimmer. Like his cousin Abigael, he will automatically kick his legs when in the pool and was leaning forward in his floatie trying to swim! Perhaps, they are both destined to be Olympic swimmers! However, Josh is pulling for Ethan to be in the Olympics for another sport (hmm..wonder what that could be?!?)

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Katy said...

Emma has loved spray parks this summer as well - she wanted nothing to do with water last year. Such a cute video!!