Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ethan's Day out with Thomas

March 12, 2010

We kicked off Ethan's 3rd Birthday weekend, with a special "Day out with Thomas" event. There were activities set up for the kiddos (a station full of toy train sets, coloring, story time, a big sand pit, etc). Ethan loves going to Barnes N Noble to play with the trains, so he had a blast playing with the train sets. The highlight of the day was going on a 25 min. train ride on a train that looked like Thomas the Train. We tried to take a pic of Ethan with Thomas after the train ride, but they had this roped off area and you had to wait in a long line to get an up close picture. Ethan does not like big crowds and does not always like taking posed pictures so we did the best we could!
Ethan and Eliana both had a fun day. I think Ethan enjoyed the activities more than the train ride itself, but nevertheless he had fun!
Thomas the Tank Engine

Ethan & Mommy (this is the best we could get)

The family on the train
(Eliana wanted to get down and run around)

Ethan on the train

Ethan & Daddy

Ethan intensely playing with the trains

Eliana and Daddy coloring

Ethan looking at the trains

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