Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ethan's 3rd Birthday

The day before his birthday, Daddy took Ethan to get a big boy hair cut! He truly looked like a big boy and so handsome! We celebrated Ethan's 3rd Birthday at Uncle Blake & Aunt Lindsey's house with a small family party. We had a CARS birthday party, since Ethan is all about CARS! For weeks before his birthday all he could talk about was having a "CARS Pancake" (I think he meant cake, but he does love pancakes) and then a few days before the party he wanted "Red Cake". The day before his birthday he just kept saying "Papaw, Red Cake"! (All he wanted was Papaw and Red Cake!) I found a Lightning McQueen cake pan and my friend's mom decorated a the cake for the special day. It looked incredible & Ethan loved his "Red CARS cake"!
Ethan got lots of new CARS stuff and had a blast with his cousins. This may be the last birthday for awhile that all of the cousins will be there, since cousins Abigael & Adaline were drug off to Colorado (Just kidding Jamie)!

Ethan's Red CARS Cake

The Birthday Boy

Ethan eating his cake like a drumstick :)

Perhaps, one of the cutest pics ever!!

Eliana liked the cake too

opening presents

Waiting patiently while Daddy opens one of his presents

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