Sunday, February 21, 2010

The gift of friendship

December 29, 2009

While in Colorado, we got to spend a couple of days with Desha and her family. I have been blessed with some amazing friends over the years and Desha is one of these! Despite geography, I have been able to see Desha at least once a year (sometimes more) since graduating from college.

We enjoyed our time together and our kids had a blast playing together. We were looking for something inexpensive (preferably free ;-)!!) for the us to take the kids to so we all would not go crazy! After much searching, we ended up deciding on a tour of a candy factory. I think the kids had fun...I mean how can you not enjoy getting free candy while you are waiting and then again after the tour is over!

Mainly, we talked lots, ate lots, and laughed lots. It went by way too fast but in the wise words of Dr. Seuss "Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened!"
Desha & I
Okay not the best pic of me but check out my prissy girl ;-)

Desha w/Eliana, Zoe, and Simon
Hammonds Factory (YUMMY!)

Zoe, Simon, and Ethan watching them make candy
Ethan enjoying some candy
The kids waiting for our group to be called
Thank God for Free Candy!!

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