Thursday, December 4, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

Did you start singing? LOL! I love this time of year and most everything about the season. My friend Katy has been blogging about her favorite things this time of year and I thought I would follow suit. I think one of my ultimate favorite things about this time of year is Christmas music. I love Christmas music!! I have many favorites but I love these: O Holy Night, Silver Bells, Silent Night, Snoopy vs. The Red Baron, and O Come All Ye Faithful. I also love Mannheim Steam Roller. My second favorite thing is the Christmas lights and decorations. As a kid, I loved the days when we would hop in the car and go look at Christmas lights. My dad would crank up Snoopy's Christmas and off we would go. The good houses would get a honk! I still love hopping in the car and finding the best houses. Sometimes I honk but most of the time I just ooh and aah and clap! If you haven't looked at Christmas lights with me it is quite funny! I LOVE them! They don't get the same reaction as a beautiful mountain landscape but they do get a big reaction. Of course, I love the food - Who doesn't?!? I love all the sweets and the things that make my hips expand ;-0! I love fudge, divinity, Special K Bars, lefse, Christmas cookies, on and on! I love Christmas wrapping paper too! Crazy I know but I always want to buy more and more! I get so excited when the Container store puts up their gift wrapping display. The wrapping paper costs an arm and a leg but it is fun to look at and splurge on at least one roll! I suppose ultimately I love how there just seems to be a certain feel to the air. People are more giving and happier during this time of year. Well, most of the time! I love the Christmas Wish on KLTY and hearing the ways people give to others. Most of the stories make me cry. I love all the different ways you can give: Operation Christmas Child, Toys for Tots, Angel Tree etc. The season is full of hope. I suppose this is what makes it so special. I hope this Christmas and the Christmases to come we can teach Ethan and Eliana that Christmas is more than what you get but ultimately about what you can give to others.

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