Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our trip to the zoo

Today we took Ethan and Eliana to the Dallas Zoo. It was the first time at the zoo for both of them! It was dollar day at the zoo (yep, Admission was only $1), so it was quite a deal. Ethan loved all the animals, in particular the penguins and gorillas (I think because he could get right up close to them!) I got lots of pictures of Ethan pointing at the animals saying "this". That is what he says when he gets excited or likes something. I am not sure he knew what to think about it all. At one point he was playing peek a boo with the was very cute! Eliana has not been feeling too well so she was not as excited about our zoo trip, but did enjoy some of the animals. She slept for a lot of the trip. It definitely was HOT today for us and the animals! The majority of the animals stayed in the shade and were not moving around too much. I don't blame them! We still had a great time and I look forward to going again!
Ethan with the African Bongo (?)
Ethan and Eliana's ride
Ethan and the gorilla
(it got right up the window and looked at Ethan!)

Ethan watching the penguins

Ethan playing in a water fountain

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Katy said...

Sorry Eliana is sick, but glad you all enjoyed the zoo - what a deal :) I especially love the pic w/Ethan and the gorilla! They are such interesting animals to watch!