Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Memorable moments

I love watching my kids grow and experience new things for the first time. It is such an amazing thing to see them enjoy life and appreciate the little things. As an adult I feel like I take the simple things in life for granted. Not Ethan and Eliana. They are amazed with the things we simply look over: water, birds, airplanes, music, and so on. The first couple of years of life are such an exciting time and I have the honor to be front and center as my children are going through these years. Here are some pictures of Eliana enjoying the little things in life for the first time.

First time eating sweet potatoes ;-)

First time on slide with mommy..doesn't she look thrilled? ;-)

One of her first times on the swing...she loves the swing

First time taking a bath in the big bathtub with Big brother! They are going to love this picture one of these days ;-). Oh, yes the water is green because I add food coloring to Ethan's baths for fun and to teach him his colors! Don't worry I was right there by the tub!

First time jumping in her Jumperoo

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