Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trip to playground and a favorite friend

Ethan and I took a trip to one of his favorite playgrounds yesterday. He loves to play! When we pull up in the parking lot he starts screaming and clapping his hands out of excitement and takes off at a run when I get him out of the car. He absolutely loves to swing and will spend most of his time at the swings. He also likes walking up and down the stairs and following after the kids there. Whenever it is time to go, no matter how much time we spent at the park, Ethan is sad to go and just cries and cries. I love these times at the playground as Ethan runs and simply enjoys being a kid! We grow up way too fast and I have to admit these trips make me forget about the worries of adulthood and become a kid again as well.

Look closely in the background of the picture. This little girl was climbing up a ladder on the playground and became exasperated trying to get up so she just laid her head down. It was hilarious!

The pictures below are of Ethan and a kid in the community who we have known since almost the beginning of our time as a CARES team. Ethan absolutely LOVES Nazier and is his shadow when we have events. I do not have to worry about Ethan if Nazier is there. I would say Nazier is Ethan's favorite person outside of family, of course. Yesterday we had a Homework Night for the kids and I looked over and Ethan was sharing a chair with Nazier and Nazier had put his necklaces on Ethan. I wish I would have gotten a better picture of Ethan with the necklaces on because he looked adorable.

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